Technical Tracks
T1. Energy storage devices Chaired by Hao Luo, and Cong-Sheng Huang
T2. Power converters Chaired by Hao Ma, Minfan Fu, and Terrence Lam
T3. Renewable energy systems Chaired by Giampaolo Buticchi, Zhan Li, and Zhaojian Wang
T4. Microgrids and smart grids Chaired by Yang Bo, Xianghui Cao, and Renke Huang
T5. Resilience for energy systems Chaired by Mian Li and Chandan Kumar
T6. Transport electrification Chaired by Hanyang Zhuang and Yeqiang Qian
T7. Smart buildings, cities, farming and agriculture Chaired by Chong Han and Kimfung Tseng
T8. AI-based technologies for sustainable energy applications Chaired by Yifei Zhu, Zhengkai Li, and Yiyan Li